Car and van rental in Ibiza

Your rental car to enjoy spring in Ibiza

The blossoming trees and flowers is a great sign that the sunny weather has arrived in Ibiza to accompany us through spring, summer and into the early autumn.


We are fortunate to live in a warm climate for most of the year. Ibiza’s mild temperatures allow us to enjoy the natural landscape whatever the season. Spring is especially appealing because we can enjoy the combination of the sunshine and fewer crowds than in the summer.


Renting a car and making the most of the island in spring is the ideal way to spend your holiday or a weekend break in Ibiza. Whether you are visiting the island with your family or friends, we have just the car for you, such as the spacious Ford Focus. If you are coming to Ibiza with your partner or on a solo visit, we can offer you a convenient, small car, such as a Fiat 500 or a Ford Ka.


We will be delighted to share with you Ibiza’s most spectacular natural beauty spots in spring. You can explore them with a rental car and service that perfectly capture our belief: mobility is more than a car.

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